Unified Communications

In the business world, where global communications need to happen instantaneously, having unified communications is a crucial tool that is needed for the success of your business. 

So what is Unified Communications (UC)? UC refers to a phone or communication system that unifies or integrates multiple communication methods within your business. Now, thinking about your business and your day to day correspondence with employees, customers and even potential customers, you probably communicate in multiple ways. Phone calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, texts, email, fax and a multitude of other routes are common methods in today’s dynamic business environment.  Unifying or connecting these methods allows each to be connected or able to “talk” to each other, allowing them to work together, which in the long run makes your business more efficient and productive.  It also means having the capability to translate, in real time, both written text and voice communications, that are delivered in a foreign language when you are dealing with global customers. This allows for increased productivity within your day-to-day business and fewer resources needed to conduct global transactions, which can ultimately decrease your overall costs within your company. When a UC system is in place within the workplace, the application can improve productivity throughout the business.  

Not long ago, significant travel to participate in face to face meetings, and multiple phone calls were an integral part of any business for collaboration and for getting the deal done.  These were time consuming, labor intensive and costly actions businesses had to take.  Each process was separate from each other and inefficient. There were fax lines, phone lines and internet connections.  Now, all of these communication opportunities use the internet and, by using one single system, you have the ability to archive and store important information, all in one place. Someone can hear voicemails, answer e-mails, post on social media, send and receive faxes and also participate in video conferences all from one application.  It doesn’t matter if they are in the office, working from home, on the road, with a customer or on the other side of the world.

The need for UC is clear in today’s increasingly competitive business world. If you want your business to be seen as “cutting edge”, then faster, more efficient interactions with a global reach are a critical key to success.    Here are a few reasons why your company needs and should invest in UC:

  • Easier to maintain and efficient to Use -There is only one system to monitor and maintain, and it runs via the internet, so diagnostics will be at a minimum. Having a single integrated platform allows you to connect all your mobile and desktop devices and connects your entire business staff. Being cloud based, UC frees up coveted space in your office by allowing you to store equipment offsite.
  • Increased productivity - Once trained, employees will spend less time dealing with more than one system. It is a single and integrated platform that users can access on all mobile and desktop devices and it connects all staff. Video conferencing and group messaging enhances collaboration and decreases down time. You can access communications from one inbox and manage them the same whether they are voicemails, e-mails or faxes, etc. Over time, users become more adept at using any device from any location as they can access a UC system via a Web browser.
  • Secure and easy archiving and back up - Backing up your data is essential and UC lets you archive and back up all of your data in one place. Your audio signals are turned into digital signals and then sent along encrypted internet connections rather than phone lines.Today’s businesses and the health care industry require this level of security when dealing with personal information.
  • Reducing long-term cost - Whether you are a small or large business, your communication needs are different.  By using a cloud based UC platform, you can start with features and a price that works for you and your business.  As time goes on, technology changes and as your business changes, you can scale the services as needed. Customized packages and use of an ‘a la carte’ method for options allows you to choose the exact capabilities that work for you and your business. With no hardware to buy and maintain, upgrades and maintenance are easy through one cloud based server. Also, by taking advantage of new technology, translation and the costs incurred with those services will decrease as new advances in real time translation of audio and written text continue. 
Setting up UC takes time, research, and planning, but in today’s dynamic business world, it will be time well spent. 


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